When we look for personal experiences to gain from our meandering through life, we restrict our attention to a fraction of the whole. Collecting personal experiences is just a mental process that we turn into our primary object of attention.

Our awareness of that addiction to personalizing life is that it lacks feelings of intimacy or awe. Their presence uncovers a simple truth – the lack of an object of awareness (personal self) always brings awareness back to awareness itself. Objects such as thoughts are really reactionary after thoughts that can only exist in relation to already known objects of attention (more thoughts).

To really know anything, there must be no reference to anything “else.” It is a hoot to know that after just a few moments of consciously allowing life to be, the “experiencer” falls away under the weight of their own irrelevance.

The lack of an object of attention brings (me) back to awareness itself. Without a need or want, to filter life through a personal point of view.

This simple exercise is part of a meditation book I am writing: “Just Watching.”

Establishing a relationship with “Objectless Awareness” is a valuable and simple meditation tool.

Play with it and send me your feedback.

Perhaps, together, we can surrender to the sublime feel of awareness, being aware that we are awareness itself.