There is an Innate Kindness associated with Mindful Walking. I notice that if I am not walking to or from somewhere, the present moment is artful. There is a palpable absence of any struggle with breathing, or with the movement of my body, or difficult emotions to “overcome.” Thich Nhat Hanh refers to the shift of attention from the “one” that is breathing to the simple and graceful act of breathing; just mindfully taking a breath. My invitation is to surrender our idea of self to that pure light of awareness. It is like looking at a flower and allowing it to be as it is. It is a simple acknowledgment of what we feel in the moment; not an idea of what we thought we felt.

Rooted in an undivided Self is knowing that we, and the people whom we share a sacred circle with, are all here to Wake Up and realize that we are here to live lives of service. Both Zen Meditation and Shamanic Journeying are examples of accumulating Power to Surrender to Now. Mindful walking, breathing, and acceptance of how we can better serve in this moment are critical to allowing the flower of life to blossom. I notice that the more I surrender to undivided attention in the present moment, the more I realize that its flowering presence is palpably in bloom. That grows into an appreciation for what the new day has brought us. Breathe it in; and remember that you have to be here and present to live your divinity. Post what discovered you on your walks to and from nowhere!!

Please take a walk with me and I will find a way for you to surrender to our shared Divinity, and the knowing that we are in this together! A group of us are meeting via Zoom for a few hours on Saturday, June 15th to discuss… JUMP.