Our Unaltered Nature!

We have all noticed that mind has a tendency and capacity to get caught up in repetitive patterns of manipulative or controlling behavior. Pure awareness itself is not caught up in those patterns. It is free no matter what is happening inside of it. Mind streams are made up of the ocean of awareness. If we notice or inquire into those mind streams, without trying to alter or manipulate them, we can then open to the deeper intelligence that is the source of mind. To open to and accept mind streams, is to support mind, and in doing so, you will notice that there is a self correcting mechanism build into mind streams. 

When you feel the urge to manipulate your experiences (or when you catch yourself in the middle of the manipulation), just gently accept and open to the controlling behavior (offer no resistance). Discover what is free and whole and not subject to perfection or imperfection or enlightenment or non-enlightenment, or any other concepts!  What do you notice as you do so!

How does this quote apply to your every day living experience. I am not interested in theories about this quote – what is your direct experience
of what I am sharing!

I look forward to your insights!