I am well aware that surrendering to my/our Eternally Awake and Aware Essence requires an act of renunciation. There is so much noise of separation (us and them),"going on around here" – it is important for me to "put myself on time out;" if only for a few moments of undivided attention. Those precious few moments are where I can offer up – beliefs associated with a nagging sense of lack, or of just generally not being good enough!! And, flush!

In a simple moment of undivided Attention (not naming or labeling anything), it is so much easier to recognize our Eternal Face. I am aware that Calm Abiding is when we can consciously make room in our lives for our innate capacity to Allow undivided attention to reveal itself. The key is to recognize our longstanding and painful addiction to going to war with life's vicissitudes, and do something about it – right here and now (free of expectations or conditions). Then our rally call for peace is no longer an empty gesture. That's partly what Krishna was trying to communicate to Arguna.