Hello Apprentices,

Pain – physical, emotional and spiritual – is a portal into the essence of what we all are. I ask that you inquire into any pain that you experience this month, and experience it all the way in to its essence – uncovering all of the layers to pain. During your inner inquiry, it is inevitable that the sirens of the mind will attempt to pull you into the drama or stories of pain. When that happens, and it will, do not move and simply surrender to the pain. Be unwilling to know what is there before jumping in. You will know when you are the essence of the pain because it will be experienced as still, vibrant, clear and unmoving. Please share with me and other apprentices your systematic discovery. The focused question that works for me is “what is in there?” Another very important question to ask is “if pain does go away, what is it that I expect to take its place?” I invite you to inquire into that as well.

Please send me what comes up for you and I will post it for all apprentices to see, subject to any edits that I feel that are necessary. If you want to comment about what another apprectice wrote, please feel free to do so.