Spiritual Dilemma – Part 1!

My dilemma as a teacher is speaking to people about things that they already know too much about. For example, take inner inquiry into a feeling. A true inquiry means not knowing what we will get via that investigation. The successful seeker knows what they will find intellectually – "I know that there is peace at the core." So, then, inquiry is just a pastime that is irrelevant, because once it is a concept it is not true anymore – it is not true peace that is experienced, but the concept of peace. My invitation is to inquire into a difficult feeling without the intent of getting anything out of it or knowing what you will find. Again, the integrity of any inquiry is prejudiced by the expected outcome! 

I am not interested in theories about this quote – what is your direct experience of an inner inquiry into a difficult feeling – what mind traps and spiritual dilemmas do you encounter – please be honest and open with your investigation and with your sharing!

I look forward to your insights!