Thinking Yourself or Being Yourself!

Stop the practice of recreating yourself every day. You know the drill – waking up in the morning and finding a particular body and associating that with a name, a history, and accepting or rejecting the latest evaluation of what is. Surrender the practice of thinking yourself and be yourself!! Stop the central creation of "I am limited to this person – this is me." That practice may seem automatic, but it is not. It is just a habit, and it prevents us from experiencing a deeper knowing. It is time to stop avoiding the truth of what we are. So, the choice point is to either practice yourself or to recognize and be yourself!! Before opening your eyes to greet the day or when awakening from a nap, bask a while in the infinite potential that manifests as everything that is seen, tasted, touched, felt and thought – and then proceed from there.

How does this quote apply to your every day living experience. I am not interested in theories about this quote – what is your direct experience
of what I am sharing!

I look forward to your insights!