war and Peace!

The collective unconsciousness is a reflection of the individual unconsciousness. Most of humanity is in a perpetual state of war with reality. Who is to blame for the discord and who can make it better is the mantra. That is a cleaver way to avoid where we are personally at war. Even while observing an anti-war rally recently, I noticed that most people were angrily blaming others for war – as they were dealing out hostile speeches about THEM. As an experiment – for an hour, a day or a few days – notice where you blame others for the ills of the world. Stop and own that you are projecting your discontent onto others and onto life – take responsibility for healing that discord within you. Consciously choose to find a more peaceful way of dealing with life situations and difficult people – grow up and take care of yourself and leave others alone.  I am not interested in theories about this challenge – what is your direct experience of what I am sharing as it applies to your life!

I look forward to your insights!