April 2021 — Shamanic Meditation Studies – Wanderings!

My body/mind went trough another trio of lightening strikes earlier this week. This time all three seizures were internalized within my current seventy-one year old body, but also felt and experienced by my fourteen year-old self.

Both versions of me had a heightened awareness of my commitment to live life as a healer. I had been thinking about the movie: "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," which I saw in my local movie the week it came out, in November 1963. I switched back and forth from first and third person perspectives, as I had remembered doing at the time.

Knowingly choosing to use my body/mind as a healing tool was an eye opener. The more I took in, the more there was available to use. Both then and now.

This month, I will continue to post a series of homework exercises designed to bridge the gap between our beliefs about what what is possible, and our own direct experience of the nature of reality.

1. On my YouTube site there are four videos at the end of my Shamanic Meditation Studies playlist. Please invest at least 15 minutes viewing "Third Eye Opening Binaural Beat." The point of working with this particular audio/visual is to allow the movement of life to come to, and through you! Take in the feel of being the object of attention. Part two is to sit in a room in your house and allow the flow of energy to effortlessly flow through. Post what you experience.

2. We need to establish some common ground. I will offer out exercises designed to stop looking at life from an egocentric perspective (similar to the conversation between Krishna and Arguna).  

3. While walking through a room, consciously allow the room to move through you. Who we think we are is totally unequipped to handle this shift in attention. Post what you experience.

There will be several sequential exercises to play with this month. Imagine that you are God bored with eternal bliss and you consciously decide to play a game of hide and seek. What bread crumbs have you left along the path to "remind yourself of your True Nature?" Play with all of the exercises as they arise!!