January 2021 — Shamanic Meditation Studies – Conscious Dreaming!

I plan to hold our December meeting on Saturday January 16, at 3 pm Arizona (5 pm eastern) time.

Even though I could not adequately articulate it as a boy, I have always felt disenchanted with the odd mix of operational theologies featured in my (our) upbringing. The "ceramic" model of the universe is driven by the belief in a Supreme God that breathes life into the world, out of his own image. The other offering is the "automatic" model that supposes that conscious is a derivative of mind, and functions according to clock-like mechanical principles. Those nonsensical and contradictory belief driven life models never made any sense to me. And, they do not match what is expedience when I forget to think my way into existence. In addition, the idea of a permanent heaven and hell (eternal pain and eternal peace?!) ranks up there with Santa Claus, and the Easter bunny, etc.

In stark contrast to those still operational childish paradigms, the "shamanic dream" cosmology is driven by a relentless focus on an unfiltered view of reality. For those of us that recall past lives, have had out of body experiences, or are experienced bardo travelers, the shamanic dream model of life recognizes the timeless and ever-changing nature of reality. Whew…

The reality is that we can never forget who we are, only who we imagine ourselves to be. Let's continue to inspire and be inspired by each other to make this life into a waking dream. Please stop the search for something that cannot be found – only revealed.

Please carve some time out of your day, every day, to consciously make room for the interdependent nature of reality to find you and blossom within, and as you. It is hidden right in plain sight. In the space between two thoughts and two seemingly separate objects that appear in life. Please share what you uncover…

 "An open heart is like the wilderness, often overlooked amongst the weeds."