May 2021 — Shamanic Meditation Studies – Unity in Action!

Please note that we are scheduled to meet from 3pm – 5pm (Arizona time ) on Saturday May15.

I recommend starting and ending each day by slowly bowing to yourself in a mirror. Lovingly put the palms of your hands together in line with your heart center. Slowly bend from the hips, while keeping your back straight, and the upper torso parallel to the floor.

When accompanied with the salutation Namaste (the God that I am, recognizes that I am), bowing to the being in the mirror exposes just such a simple truth. The fine art of bowing is a divine gesture that recognizes that we are all expressions of One collective self – so let's put our hearts into it.

Pause long enough to openly receive the loving invitation, and then slowly rise back up to meet the eternal eyes of the light being – in the mirror.

Please post what you experience!

More to come!