November 2020 — Shamanic Meditation Studies – Remembering
I plan to hold our November meeting on Saturday November 21, at 3 pm Arizona (5 pm eastern) time. (time change)
The relaxed feel of undivided attention (Presence) reveals a free-flowing and fluid Consciousness, beyond beliefs and expectations.
Transitory realms of consciousness are in plain sight. It is not a matter of going there, but finding a way to accommodate peace – here, and now. All of us Shamanic Dreamers need to deal with our individual contributions to the "dream of the planet." Now, is the perfect time to remember that we are dreamers and this is our dream!
We are here to inspire each other to wake up from our "particular" dream of separation. Particularly, when we notice how the focus of our attention is on looking for answers, and not on understanding the context of the query.
And, we are here to Remember that this is a life of service!