September – October 2020 — Shamanic Meditation Studies  (Open Awareness)
I plan to hold our October Meeting on Saturday October 17 at 3 pm Arizona (6 pm eastern) time.
Please continue to make the time and space to Just Watch life flow through you during your busy day. Each day this month, invest at least 5 minutes without filtering life through a personal point of view.
Whenever I notice myself tense up in uncertain and divisive and times like these, I find it critical to make the choice to relax and open up the aperture of my awareness. There are three places in my physical being where that tension with life appears – my toes, fingers, and third eye. Knowing that, I make a conscious effort to relax into the tension that I feel in those areas.
The relaxed feel of undivided attention on the knot of tension reveals a free-flowing Consciousness, beyond the purview of the body/mind. That is when I am open to other transitory realms of existence (Bardo States) –  Consciousness beyond the material world. It is not a matter of going there, but making more room for there and here to converge.
We once thought and believed that the world was flat; we now know otherwise.  We also believed that consciousness does not survive bodily death; that certainly does not match my experiences. Check it out from the Dreamer's perspective – Open Awareness. Let go of all you believe you know…
Please post what you experience or don't experience…