September 2021 — Shamanic Meditation Studies – Knowing Our Filters!

Please note that we are scheduled to meet from 3pm – 5pm (Arizona time) on September 18.

We derive our identities largely from buying into conditioned movements of thought about life and our self-identity. That is why it is critical that we get to know who we are beyond the story of me; our made up "me" character that we still tend to feed. Let's make space for our eternal essence – impersonally attentive Conscious Presence. At the core, there is just awareness; aware of itself – without a story of self.

Vast aware presence is our unfiltered essence, right in plain sight, in the space between thoughts; that we have been conditioned to fill with commentary about self and life. Let's commit to discovering what is beyond the limits of that "story of me." And, to start trusting direct perceptions of life rather than filtered commentary about life. Let's explore how we mire ourselves in self-deprecating and time-bound cloud illusions.

More to come…